SEEK-ART.com is an artist portfolio driven site. We support concept as a fluid medium, and art as inspiration for the individual, society and commercial industries. Our network of international artists range in medium and practice. SEEK-ART goal is to act as a mediator for contemporary voices, for our artists, we serve as both affiliate and collaborator, providing support and resources for their use as well as their representatives. We believe that concepts can be realized across a spectrum of mediums and platforms, without undermining the artistic intent. We do not aim to fill the traditional role of the gallery, but rather to add to it.

Michele Thursz, Founder and Artistic Director

Michele Thursz is an independent cultural producer and consultant based in New York City. She has served as director of contemporary and outsider art galleries, media collectives and art advisory companies, as well as consulted private collections.

From 1999-2009, Thursz co-founded and directed Moving Image Gallery [MIG], NYC, one of the first galleries to show contemporary artists using electronic and computer-based mediums. MIG gave first exhibitions to artists such as Cory Arcangel, Yael Kanerak, Paper Rad, Golan Levin, Carlo Zanni. Thursz co-produced events such as Whitneybiennial.com, Miltos Manetes, Blip (a monthly event devoted to the celebration of the birth of video games and their effects on artist practice, subculture and society); and Floppy 1.44 (an exhibition on a floppy for Rhizome with all works to be equal to or less than 150K).

MIG evolved into The Post Media Network, dedicated to the continuous evolution of media and its effect on artists and cultural practitioners.

Thursz's Post Media Network cultural productions include: Bulletin Board Cafˇ, 193 Institute, KY; Meme: Romanticism, EFA Gallery, NY; Thread, Wood Street Gallery, Pittsburgh; Pattern: Modernism as Mediator, Borusan Gallery, Istanbul; Prints and Chips, Bitforms, NYC; Cine-O-matic, The New Museum; public.exe: Public Execution, Exit Art, NYC; and Democracy is Fun, White Box, NYC; Carlo Zanni, My Temporary Visiting Position from the Sunset Terrace Bar, Sandroni Rey Project Space; "They Always Say That Time Changes Things..." Billy Wilder Theater, Hammer Museum, LA, CA; and Chico MacMurtrie, Inflatable Architectural Body, NY.

These exhibitions introduced a cross section of artists, including Ellen Gallagher, Space Invaders [FR], Carlo Zanni [IT], Claudia Hart, Scott Hug, K-48 Magazine, Kelley Walker, Reynold Reynolds, Robert Lazarini, Rafael Lorenzo-Hemmer [MX], Tobias Bernstrup [SWD], Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Marina Zurkow, Michelle Handelman, Siebreen Versteeg, Tal Hadad [FR], Beth Coleman and Howard Goldkrand, Andy Warhol, Soundlab and Serkan Ozkaya [TRK], Kendall Geers and more.

Michele Thursz has written and lead public conversations about contemporary art and related professional issues pertaining to contemporary art, including: public.exe: Redefinition of public in relationship to artistic practice, and the institution; <Fresh> New Media Projects, New Museum; Curating In and Outside the Institution, NYC; Collecting the Un-collectable, Guggenheim, NYC; Dealers GO to School: P2P_. EDU: Peer-To-Peer Educational For Art Dealers P2P. She has been a guest cultural producer as critic, LIST, Belgium, Creative Capital, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon, and taught thesis writing and research for the MFA, Computer Arts Program, The School of Visual Arts, NYC.

Thursz's actions and exhibits have been reviewed and featured in the New York Times, Forbes, ArtByte, Wired, and Art Forum, Art in America, Frieze, LA Times, Asia Art Pacific, and Timeout New York and many international periodicals and web publications.


Michele Thursz



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